Buch: German Immigrants in United Staates (Iowa, Illinois, New York)

In the 19th century, German immigrants constituted a very large immigrant group in the USA. Especially many settled in Iowa and Illinois. The immigrants from Taben-Rodt also preferred these areas.

Immigrants from German to US
Cover of the book “Taben Auswanderer- Von Taben nach America” Describes the history of immigrants in the second half of the 19th century to the USA and Canada, Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, Sascatchewan and more.

In April 2022 the 2nd revised and supplemented edition was published.

Immigrants from Taben-Rodt settled in IOWA, Illinois, Canada in the 19th century. The motives, the journey and the experiences in the new home in America (IOWA, Dubuque, Deyersville, Illinois…) are described in this book with many families.

My place of residence, the small village of Taben-Rodt, situated high above the western bank of the Saar River, close to the border with France and Luxembourg, showed a steady population growth over the past centuries. In the last third of the 20th century, the maximum value was reached with about 1,000 inhabitants (in Taben-Rodt and Hamm).

In the middle of the 19th century, however, poverty, lack of economic prospects and disproportionate population growth led to a drastic development for Taben-Rodt: In a period of only 50 years, more than 100 inhabitants (about 20% of the population at that time) left their place of residence (Taben, Rodt, Hamm) and sought a “new better life” in North America. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, the memory of these emigrated families is largely forgotten, only a few photos with the subtitle Photograph Dubuque suggest that these photos could have been taken by emigrants from the “New World”.

This book “Tabener Auswanderer – Von Taben nach Amerika” (Literally translates as “Taben Immigrants – From Taben to America”) attempts to provide as complete a listing as possible of all emigrants from Taben, Rodt and Hamm and to show their history. The ship passages, the first settling down in North America and the further developments as pioneers are researched on the basis of intensive and extensive research in historical documents (passenger lists, US and Canadian Census surveys, historical maps, etc.).

My contacts of many years, gained through genealogical research and personal visits, were very helpful. So my work found interest also in the USA and some “descendants” of the emigrants sent me fragments of their family history, family trees and picture material.

Detailed information about the project can be found at this link; an extract from my book can be found at this link.


The bound, 336-page book (A4 format, 31 illustrations, 77 family trees, 481 sources) describes the history of the emigrated families.

The book written in German language in German language. The family trees, lists of names, tables and graphics is but also for people with little or no German language skills very well understandable.

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